Why should I buy organic shampoo/conditioner?


I hate pushy sales people. It really drives me nuts. It’s just not who I am and always feels dishonest to push one product over another just to boost “numbers”. When I was a young hairstylist working in a traditional salon, I had the lowest retail numbers. Not because I didn’t think my clients needed products, but because if they really loved what they were using, then who cares? If it didn’t “strip” the color or drop the perm I’d just done, then I left it alone.

Enter Organic Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve since learned that conventional products often contain harmful petroleum based polymers, silicones and synthetic chemicals. They make hair feel wonderful. Traditional hair color with ammonia pits the hair (we’ve all felt it when we run our fingers down the hair strand, some clients love the fullness this creates), we need plastics and oils to fill in the damage done by coloring/perming. But what if your hair wasn’t damaged at all? Healthy the length of the strand and smooth, naturally?

You will see your stylist at Verde performing a wet-stretch test. This is a method of determining what is missing inside the hair strand. A healthy hair will stretch 30% of its length and return. If the hair doesn’t move, it is lacking moisture. If the hair stretches without stopping or breaks, it is lacking protein. Hair requires two elements to be in perfect condition. Protein and moisture. Protein is the muscle of hair, it gives it strength. Too much and it can be brittle. Moisture is the flexibility of hair, it allows the hair to bend and return without snapping. When coloring hair, a color molecule will attach itself to protein in the hair. When we lighten hair, we can remove protein along with the color molecules. While living in Arizona, let’s face it, we need moisture replacement sometimes as a general rule, right? So the answer is finding the perfect prescription for your hair, and checking frequently to adjust for changes.

Organic Salon Systems only makes three main players. Status Quo for all you who do not color hair or have naturally balanced hair. (Ha, rarely see this). PowerBuild is 80% protein and 20% moisture, AquaBoost is 80% moisture and 20% protein. Depending on what the stretch test tells us, we know exactly what you need. Safflower oils for sun protection are in the shampoo. The conditioners have a ph of 3 to close the cuticle of the hair shaft and lock in your color each time you use it. This helps stop oxidation from AZ sun!

Finally, a product I fully believe in! Spend the extra money, it is worth it. Your hair will thank you

Healthy HairAlyssa Yuhas